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VILLAINS, innocents, victims Or HÉROES?(a intention of the disappear and others repressed by the military dictatorship

Due to the repressed ones by the dictatorship in quality of ", tortured assassinated, imprisoned disappeared ", etc., different characterizations exist, or have existed.Those different characterizations have fundamented different "historical-political" views about the period and coming out of that, it served the purpouse of justfying different attitudes held by different people.First of all let`s analyse if to ask ouselves this question is useful Let us say that nowadays the only sense that this question has is to investigate in what it is worth the trouble to be imitated and that other that must be left aside, since none of the characterizations that we are going to analyse attenuates in but minimum the repudiable and criminal action of the terrorism of State.
That is of course the version of the repressive ones, and it is not only the characterization of those who wore a uniform, it is also the one held by their political accomplices.Because the decree signed by provisional President Luder, Caffiero, and Ruckauff that ordered "to annihilate" "subversion", or the "manufacturing guerrilla" imagined by the polititian Ricardo Balbín was the reflection of what the political class thought about the subject.
Because the characterization of Videla like a "democratic general" it was not an Argentinian Communist Party saying, but it l the whole political establishment point of view.It was also the concept that it tranquilized to good part of the civil society that with the "something will have done" justified its passivity.According to this maniquea vision the political disappear and prisoners, were not another thing who pérfidos and heartless that placed pumps in sites public and that had to be massacreed without mercy, to not only punish his to drive presumably weak, but also to avoid that they impose to the country a communist regime to him.This qualification does not deserve greater commentaries except for observing than it does not have to be underestimated because most of the society believed in her at its moment, and it reproduces it before diverse circumstances. It belongs to the logic of the "plague" and the "internal enemy" that advises to move away of "stinked out", or that proposes the purifying sacrifice as expiación form, and that it transforms to each resemblance into a "suspect".THE INNOCENT PARSLEYS As contrafigura of the previous version arises that other than tries to demonstrate that the political disappear and prisoners were "surface parsleys", or militants "naif" or in some case not even that, that they were kidnapped indiscriminately by the Armed Forces in his desforada repressive vortex.They were according to this vision, adolescents who were going to alphabetize carenciados districts, or who fought by the scholastic ticket, delegates of factory, or simple union delegates of diverse political connections, but in no case guerrilla.It was possible to be dealed with at the most territorial militants of organizations who could have some connection with the guerrilla organizations, but were, according to this point of view disarmed people.According to this vision also, and parafrasenado the "something they will have done", it would be possible to be said in this case that "had not done anything" and that was "unjustly" represaliados.It was the initial vision of the organisms of human rights. It tended to affect the vision of a society that had allowed the illegal repression, and to overcome that sensation of "ajenidad" that sosteneía the citizen means respect to the disappear. The organisms of human rights did what they could and hardly they had been listened to maintain a rigorous position butA new closed, perfect and reassuring argument arose like corolario of this characterization: the theory of the "two demons".Then, and according to that characterization the country had been whipped by two strange maleficent forces that had put under it a delirious war to which majority of the citizenship was other people's.In that scheme the political disappear and prisoners were part of that mainly pacific citizenship, since they were only militant of surface, because the guerrilla heads had put themselves under cover, reason why the repression was a sadistic dispoditivo destined to innocent people.Across they were the military dictators, and in means the citizens who absolutely did not know what happened reason why had been able to go in aid of the victims.Others are saying that this theory gave rise to "pacificadoras" exits like which had obedience, full stop, or I pardon.The HEROES MARTYRS And SAINTS. Other visions canonize to the disappear and political prisoners conferring the status to them either of saints, or of martyrs or of heroes.According to one first approach, the victims of the terrorism of State would be the martyrs who allowed us to conclude with the cycle of coup d'etats in our country.Firmenicha affirms for example that all the disappear were guerrilla or had a very narrow entailment with the guerrilla.Other versions are those that consider that they were the best ones of the society and for that reason "they disappeared them".In an extreme version of this theory one affirms that "those that were saved by something sera '".VICTIMAS REALLY All the previous planteos are idle. What surely they are the disappear is victims of an aberrant methodology of illegal repression.Because it does not concern the status of the prisoner, nonguerrilla guerrilla or, nothing justifies the torture and the massive murder.However how much there is really in all of them.Because all great lie has something really and vice versa.Until the miserable military justification about the "Marxist demon" it really has something.Guerrilla detachments that they intended to install a regime of socialist type, in that existed is no duda.Y those guerrilla detachments also had a high predicament in sectors of youth. But for the time of the blow they practically were decimated, and the installation of a so massive terror and the prohibition of all type of political and union activity exclusively were not directed to the guerrilla detachments. It was directed to all potential revolt against an economic project of pauperización and destruction of the national industry.That of the "parsleys of surface" and of the absent soicedad of a false civil war solely imagined by its contenders also has something of certain, because the popular support to the guerrilla still at its better moments never was majority far from it.But it is not less certain that a part of the society did not see with antipathy the guerrilla activities when these aimed at the return of Perón, and that that same society guaranteed with its silence and sometimes with its applause the illegal repression by means of the "something will have done" and in exchange for the small mirrors of colors of the "sweet silver" of Martinez de Hoz, not considering who this endorsement was autodestructivo (others are saying that in this aspect history was repeated at the time of Cavallo). Also it is certain that "to gamble" by a society project but just it reflected human qualities superior to those of the average of the Argentine society.But it did not imply that all the represaliados ones were necessarily the "best ones".It is said "eliminated a generation that today would direct to the country and the things would be different". That is quite relative, we verified day to day as many sobreviventes have been reinsertado successfully in the system, doing all the opposite of which they preached then.The salary be victim of the state terrorism cannot either be exculpatory of the vile tricks of the present.In short, this cannot finish here. It is enough to say that some of these arguments that usually are present in the debates on the subject annul the possibility of a serious, deep debate, and that it serves us for the present and the future.

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