Thursday, March 30, 2006


The ones who have seen the excellent German movie called "The Edukators" will be able to get some idea of what we mean. But for those ones who have not seen it let´s say that the edukators want to educate and to be educated. We want to educate those ones who think that they have definitively won the war , or anyone who thinks that this miserable and unjust order with 60% or more of human kind starving underneath the poverty border is inexorable, that nothing can be done against it.
Behind the richest country clubs, or the deprived districts, in the corrupt ones´ mansions, fear reigns . And it is not fear of a guerrilla detachment, neither to a non existent block of the east, nor to none of the cold war demons . But fear is just there, it exists, is imperceptible, permanent but it´s just there.
You may say that everything failed. But triumphs or failures don´t matter, since good ideas always survive.
Is it possible that nobody is thinking about changing the world anymore?
Is today´s world better than what it was thirty years ago?
It is all the opposite.
Never so much concentration of power, never so much unfair wealth distribution , never so much risk of everything exploding in a thousand pieces, because a crazy person decides to push a botton, and there has never been so much frivolity to hide that all.
Can a new zombie generation be the answer to all this stuff?
We say definitively no, because hearts exist, and each heart can be a revolutionary cell.
The Edukators , do not only want to educate the rulling class , we want to be educated as well, to be mutually educated .
We want to turn off television sets, to just pass by the windows shops where Nike sports shoes are sold, and to devote ourselves to think and decide to change this horrible status.
To be educated and to educate, but not like teachers plum.
To be educated in the memory of good ideas, and in its present uttility.
To remember that Che Guevara is something else than a picture, and that the best way of paying tribute is him is to buid that "new man" he has always wished, that`s the point and not to imitate one by one his gestures and image
Because they success or failure don´t matter, good ideas always survive.
PD:This is an argetinian site, but amyway the subjects that we talk about are universal, because as the Russian writer ones said: "paint your village if you wat to be universal"

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