Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paint yout village (Some advices for the english speaking readers)

Paint your village, then you´ll be universal.

This is a local and universal site at the same time.
It is local because is written in an specific country (Argentina), and it is of course about its local events and the way they affect us.
But, by beeing local, we are at the same time trying to be universal because we know that in spite of the great existing differences form one country to the other, the whole world share the same problems and the same concerns, and of course there are similar people working hard to change things.
We know that for non latin american readers, and even for those latin americans who are not argentines certain names are not familiar, and maybe at the beggining you´ll think that they cannot gather much interest.
But on analysing the whole matter you´ll find that argentinian reallity is so complex and amazing that any social investigator would be anxious to get some news from this country.
For instance intellectuals such as Naomi Clain, Toni Negri, Michael Hardt and James Petras have analysed and written a lot about argentinian phenomena, and that´s not by chance.
On the other hand, this blog is universal, because is shares world concern about any human subject, such as war, social gap, new social and political movements, and many others.
Our wish is to be read in Buenos Aires, Manhattan, Bagdad, and many other places at the same time and to enrich each other with intense exchange, painting our village, and painting the universe.

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